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Nozomi Tsuji
So bored.... And my neck hurts D: I need to stop falling asleep at my desk. T_T At least now I remember getting sleep.... this isn't good. -.-; I need to get ready to start my morning run...D: it sucks so bad~!!!

I hate aches and pains...then again I'll live...

Current Location: Room
Current Mood: sore sore
Current Music: Morning sounds inside and out

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Fun, fun, fun and more fun~!!! ^_^ I can't wait, my greatest pal is back in town. And I am saved, maybe I'll be swept away~ ~_^.

Current Mood: bouncy bouncy

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Soccer...has many disapointments! But I guess you can't have everything you want in your sport, ne? I think it's because I'm  a girl. The only girl on the team....Oh well I tried. Anou...-.- I fail as an assistant too....I've been trying so hard to find out about summer assignments and what not and other things....

I have to go and start my running rutine....
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